Sri Lanka has been ranked as the fourth best Wellness Tourism Destinations in the world for 2021!

The Global Wellness Institute has ranked Sri Lanka as the leading destination for Spiritual Healing!

Sri Lanka Round Tours

Sri Lanka is truly an amazing exotic destination in the world that every traveler can enjoy its unique beauty and features. In this fast moving, busy and stressful life styles in whole world, most of people want to getaway from that hustle & bustle life style, even for few days or weeks to rejuvenate. Sri Lanka is one of an ideal country to revitalize yourself for a while. This tiny paradise has a rich unique culture & tradition that is thousands years old. Ayurveda and wellness is one of a highlight and iconic tradition in Sri Lanka which has more than 3000 years old history. Most of Sri Lankans are still following those ancient spiritual & holistic treatments to have a long healthy life. Wellness & Ayurveda is doing major part up to date even though the western medicines is popular. Sri Lanka was popular for one of best wellness countries in the world for decades and still, Sri Lanka is keeping that position. Sri Lanka Round Tours

We are proud to announce once again, that Sri Lanka has been ranked number four as the World’s top Wellness tourism Destination in the world by the Global Wellness Institute 2021. Bali is taking the lead as number one of the Global Wellness Institute while Dolomites is ranked as the second position & Greece is in the third place. The Global Wellness Institute has ranked Sri Lanka as the leading destination for “Spiritual Healing”. Sri Lanka Round Tours

Minister of Tourism in Sri Lanka, Mr Prasanna Ranatunge states that following the global pandemic of COVID -19 situation, most of tourists in the world are paying their attention to their mental, spiritual and physical well-being. Sri Lanka Round Tours

Sri Lanka is the best place for spiritual healing, simply to “heal the body and the soul”. While enjoying the friendliest hospitality service and true exotic vacation experiences in the world. Sri Lanka Round Tours

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