Ayurveda in Sri Lanka- Heal Your Body, Mind & the Soul!

Ayurveda in Sri Lanka- Heal Your Body, Mind & the Soul

What is Ayurveda?

The concept of Ayurveda is old as the civilization of mankind. This had taken many turns, inherited many an ideology along the passage of time, getting refined in to a fine art. The meaning of “Ayurveda” is very special and is made of syllables. The first part “Ayur” means the “Life” & “Veda” means “Science”. A human being who wishes to live a long and a healthy life, should follow this old ancient concept. Simply it’s a science of life. The basic rule or the law is to live among and take care of oneself with nature. The living beings living on the surface cannot live under water and those that live under water cannot live on the surface. Nature is considered as the mother of all beings and that all living creatures are dependent on nature for their survival.

According to the archeological evidences & researches done by various archeologists & anthropologies, human civilization dates back 30,000 years. The Cave men of that age domesticated many wild plant, & herb varieties and used them for food and medicines to survive in the nature.

Ayurveda strictly follows the rules of nature as it points out; when, what, why, how much: to eat, to drink, to rest, to wash, to bathe, which help mankind to lead a perfectly healthy life.

There are two divisions in Ayurveda Treatments;

  1. To protect the health of oneself
  2. To take care of the sickness                                  


    To lead a healthy life one has to follow the Ayurveda principles. To take care of the sickness, the Ayurveda physician has to get a thorough knowledge so that he or she could determine whether the invalid is ill mentally or physically or both. Where for each patient, the physician or the Ayurvedic Doctor has to diagnose the root of the cause and treat it accordingly. Since when the root of the illness is destroyed, the illness would not rise again or remain as it was. Almost all perceptions used in curing are produced by raw materials found in nature where no any artificial substances are used. These materials come from roots of trees & plants, stems, barks, leaves, flowers, seeds, fruits & nuts. From animals; milk, honey, pearls, shells, musk, are taken. From earth; iron, gold, silver & copper are used. The Ayurvedic medicines that are made from those natural materials do not harm the organs of the body and do not give rise to any side effects.

    According to Ayurveda, it has described the connection between the human body and the earth vividly.

Five basic physical elements (Pancha maha bootha) of a human body & the earth.

  1. Water- Apo
  2. Fire- Thejo
  3. Air- Vayo
  4. Earth- Patavi
  5. Akasha- Ether / Space


Also according to Ayurveda, it describes Three Biological Elements of a human body;

  1. Kinetic Energy – Vata
  2. Thermal Energy- Pitta
  3. Cooling Energy- Kapha

Historical background of Ayurveda in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s indigenous medicine has similar origins, linked to the 35,000 to 30,000 year old native habitants of the land known as the Balangoda man (manavaya). Or Homosapien balangodanisis.  With the ancient history of Sri Lanka, traditional Ayurveda medicine as it is practiced today in the country, is based on an indigenous heritage preserved over 3000 years.

The Royal patronage has been given throughout the history to Ayurveda treatments. The evidences & information gathered from historical records such as chronicles and inscriptions give vivid details that how the royal patronage was given to Ayurveda during different kingships, the medicine & treatment systems, hospital systems and many more. According to the records, the present Ayurveda technique was introduced to Sri Lanka during the 3rd Century BC with the introduction of Buddhism from North India during the period of King Devanampiyatissa  (247-207 BC).

The earliest medicine system was called “Deshiya Chikitsa” that existed in Sri Lanka before the advent of Ayurveda. After introducing Ayurveda to Sri Lanka, since then it has merged with the indigenous medicine system of Sri Lanka. According to the renown Indian Epic legend “Ramayana”, it brings the history of Sri Lankan Ayurveda far back to 4000 years. It indicates that “Pulasthi Rishi”, the son of the Emperor Tharaka and father of the Emperor Ravana who lived over 4000 years ago in Sri Lanka was a well known & skilled physician. The son of Pulasthi Rishi, the Emperor Ravana who ruled Sri Lanka was also a physician and wrote 3 Medical Ayurveda books namely “Arka Prakashaya”, “Kumaratantraya” & “ Nadi Prakashaya” . Also Rawana was the inventor of distillation process according to the legends and folks.

Types of Ayurvedic Treatments in Sri Lanka

 Panchakarma

Panchakarma means “Five Therapeutic Procedure. This treatment purifies the metabolic degradation products, undigested food components & toxins. It also cleanse mind that helps to release the stress.

 Shiro Abhyanga (Head Massage)

Another important & major treatment in Ayurveda. This treatment improves the health of the scalp and helps to grow a healthy hair. A deep sleep, brain functionality and relaxed minded is also promoted.

 Intensive Body Massage

Intensive Body Massage relieves the body pain through a deep & a arithmetic touch. Pressing the pressure points gently and give a deep massage to all muscle groups of the body. This massage reduces the joint stiffness and facilitates their mobility.

 Synchronized Body Massage

Your body is massaged by two qualified & well experienced therapists synchronously. This massage improves the muscle tension & the stiffness, relief the pain and improves the blood circulation of the entire body.

 Padha Abhyanga (Foot Massage)

The foot massage arouses the internal organs as well as improves the relaxing phase in the human body. This massage is done by punctual pressing.

 Vashpa Swedha (Herbal Steam Bath)

This is a special herbal steam in an Ayurvedic wooden chamber. The patient lays down inside chamber and the body is heated in certain temperature with herbs. This is a herbal steam bath as a comprehensive body detoxification.

 Avagaha Sweddha (Herbal Bath)

The herbal bath helps to cleanse & to have a healthy skin while providing the ultimate in relaxation.

 Shirodhara

The word Shirodhara comes from a Sanskrit words; Shiro means “head”, & dhara means “flow”. This is an ancient Ayurvedic healing technique that relaxes & reduce the stress. Shirodhara treatment is done by pouring liquids such as milk, oil, water & buttermilk on to your forehead. Its combined with a body, scalp or a head massage.

 Flower bath

The flower bath treatment is done by using different colorful, fragrant flowers that provides you sense of happiness, vitality and enthusiasm. This treatment increases the dynamics of your mind and body spirituality.

 Yoga & Meditation

Yoga & Meditation is a big part of Ayurveda treatments as they are believed to be the holistic and the spiritual development of Ayurveda treatments. Daily yoga sessions and meditation keeps your body & mind at peace physically, mentally and spiritually.

Health benefits of Ayurveda

  • Reduce stress and greater sense of well being
  • Improves the immunity of the body
  • Improves the blood circulation
  • Stronger Digestion
  • Reduce the Toxins in the body
  • Better health in a cellular level
  • You can level up the energy
  • Improves the positive thinking and encourage to love yourself

Sri Lanka is a truly fascinating destination in the world with beautiful sandy beaches, abundance wildlife and nature, intriguing culture & history, friendly people and delicious Sri Lankan food as well as Ayurveda & Wellness.

This is one of most prominent destinations in the world for Ayurveda & Yoga. Country has become the second most important Ayurveda & Yoga destination right after India- the birth place of Ayurveda. Every year, thousands of foreign tourists visit Sri Lanka to experience the Ayurveda treatments, Meditation & yoga to improve their health as well as to enrich their spiritual ability to stay happy as much as possible.

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