10 Most Scenic Sunrises & Sunsets in Sri Lanka you should not miss

10 Most Scenic Sunrises & Sunsets in Sri Lanka

Follow the Sun where it leads- clear your mind and watch the Sky. Watching a sunrise and a sunset, does not matter where you are in the world, they ignites a certain special kind of fire within you, urging you to fall in love and inspiring you. Watching the daily sunrise energizes you with its energy and the vibe combined with the universal energy. Sunset brings you a positive, energetic and happy day no matter how your day was. Spotting a sunrise and a sunset with someone special, amplifies this feeling more.


Sri Lanka is a tropical island where you can enjoy stunning sunrise and the sunset all around the year. Chasing breathtaking sunrises and sunsets and grabbing that perfect Instagram worthy captions is a must do in Sri Lanka. Here, we are brining to the top landscapes and destination where you can capture the sunrises and sunsets in the paradise island- Sri Lanka.

*The Picturesque Sunrise view from the Holy Mountain “Adams Peak”

Adams Peak Mountain is not just a peak, it’s a historical & holy mountain that rises 7350 feet, located in the central highlands of Sri Lanka, also knowns “Sri Pada”.  The mountain is significant for all three major religions in the country and around three million people make the pilgrimage to the summit of Adams Peak.   This peak has always been a major tourist attraction among local and foreign travelers.  Watching the sunrise from Adam’s peak is extraordinary and considered as the best sunrise view of the country, known as “Hiru Sevaya” (The Service of the sun). The climb of Adams Peak is only suitable for the people who are reasonably fit as the climb takes 3 to 4 hours to reach to the summit. The travelers who wish to enjoy the eclectic atmospheric sunrise, start the climb at midnight as they reach to the summit at around 04.00- 04.30am. The season of climbing Adams Peak Mountain is during the drier months from December to May.  

* Sunrise over Lipton’s Seat

Watching a stunning sunrise from Lipton’s Seat in Haputale is another best way to make couple of clicks of one of best sunrises. Lipton’s Seat a famous view point in the small hilly town “Haputale” named after a founder of Sri Lanka’s tea  industry- Sir Thomas Lipton. The view point of Lipton’s seat is located at the edge of the “Dambatanne Tea Factory” that produces the finest Ceylon Tea. The best time to visit Lipton’s Seat is before 06.00am to watch this magical sunrise. After 7.00am the place gets crowded and after 10 am, a thick mist blocks out the view. When you come to spot the sunrise, you can enjoy a pure Sri Lankan cup of tea along with a traditional coconut roti.

* The Heartwarming Sunrise view from Ella Rock

Ella is a small town located in Uva Province, the Southeastern slope of the central highlands. This tiny paradise hilly town has become one of the top tourist destinations on Sri Lanka. The reason is the breathtaking landscapes and the best climate that every traveler wishes. Ella has a heavenly atmosphere surrounded by lush carpeted tea plantations, Montane forests, waterfalls as well as the town got recently developed with hotels, motels, restaurants and cafes. There are few attractions in Ella that boost fun filling holiday for every tourist. Climbing Little Adams Peak, Visit Nine Arches Bridge and explore Ella Rock to spot a magical sunrise over famous “Ella Gap”. The hike is roughly two hours from the center of Ella town and the trek is well worth for the hikers who have a moderate level of fitness.

* Shades of Purple Sunrise from Pidurangala Rock

Pidurangala is a rock summit located in the heart of “Cultural Triangle” – Sigiriya village. Climbing Pidurangala has become a must tourist activity in Sri Lanka as it offers breathtaking views. The view that can be spotted from Piduranagala rock is considered as one of the best views of the country. Looking out the sunrise from Pidurangala Rock is a true magical experience and one of best things to do in your round tour in Sri Lanka. The recommended time to climb the rock at around 04.30am – 05.00am as you will have a one hour trek to the summit of the rock. Once you reach to the top, you will see the long stretched flat rock with a cluster of trees and shrubs at the center. The wide view will bring you an exceptional new feeling. The sunrise from Pidurangala is one of best sunrises that you will ever enjoy in your whole life. The sky turns into purple then after few minutes, it turns in to dark pink and to orange. The famous 8th wonder of the ancient world “Sigiriya Lion Rock” is visible in front of the view point and the view creates a picturesque scenery of a lifetime.

* Vibrant Misty Sunrise from World’s End

The aerial panoramic view on Sunrise of World’s End, in Horton Plains is truly magical. The famous view point- World’s End is located in the central highlands of Sri Lanka, elevation is 2300 meters from above mean sea level. Heavenly beautiful lush plains of Horton Plains is a famous and one of the best trek in the country. The total length of trek is about 9km (5.6miles) and on the half away , you will reach to the sudden cliff named “The World’s End” and the drop is about 1200 meters (400 feet). The sunrise from World’s End cliff is one of the best rises in Sri Lanka. Recommend to start the trek of Horton Plains at 6.00am from the entrance and you will reach to the cliff of World’s End about 07.00am, then you will spot a vibrant sunrise over the misty hills and valleys that you will never forget. You can enjoy your packet breakfast while enjoying the best views ever.

* Charming Sunrise view in Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay is a coastal town located on the Eastern Part of Sri Lanka and has become one of top tourist destinations in the country. The main reason is Arugam Bay is well known for one of the best surfing destinations in the world. It’s a surfers paradise as well as Arugam Bay has wide long stretched pristine beaches. When you wake up early morning in Arugam Bay, you will enjoy a beautiful sunrise over the Indian Ocean.

* Magical Sunset from the Ancient Wonder- Sigiriya

Sigiriya is the number 01 tourist attraction in the whole country of Sri Lanka. This ancient masterpiece which is belong to 5th Century AD is considered as the eighth wonder of the ancient world due to its magnificent architecture, landscaping, fascinating ancient  water management system, ancient engineering technology and its historical value. Every tourist who visits Sri Lanka do not visit this fascinating rock palace. Spotting the sunset from the summit of the Sigiriya Rock is second to none. The Climb takes approximately one and hour to the summit and better you start the climb at around 04.00pm. You will reach to the summit of the rock after exploring the ancient ruins, fascinating and famous frescoes and writings.

*Breathtaking Sunset view from Parakrama Samudraya

Holding a long historical importance that goes back to 12th Century AD, the gigantic Parakrama Samudraya- the man made reservoir is a must see attraction on your tour of ancient kingdom of Polonnaruwa. Parakrama Samudraya is the largest tank and the irrigation system ever built by ancestors of the country. Spotting a breathtaking sunset from the dam of Parakrama Samudraya is a must. You will spot a picturesque sunset as well as a reflected sunset on the clear water of the tank.

* The Swinging Sunset view from Dalawella Beach

Dalawella beach is located on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, in the renowned “Unawatuna Beach”. This sandy pristine beach offers a perfect getaway for travelers who seek a wonderful beach stay on a tropical paradise. Dalawella beach has become an Instagram worthy location and it’s a must for everyone who chases golden sunsets over the ocean. The famous Dalawella Beach Swing is a must captures experiences with its best view of the sunset. The palm tree coconut rope swing has one of a million view of the Indian Ocean and mesmerizing a stunning sunset.

* Iconic Sunset from Galle Dutch Fort

Galle Dutch Fort is a UNESCO World Heritage site in Sri Lanka and one of top tourist attraction in the country. It goes back to 16th Century, to the era of Portuguese, later in early 18th Century Dutch took over and finally British owned it in 19th Century.  Galle Dutch fort is located on the Southern coast of Sri Lanka and blessed by blue waters, And the natural Galle Harbor. Spotting an iconic Sunset from the Ramparts of the Galle Dutch Fort is a must. You also can sit in a ocean view café and enjoying this magical sunset moment while enjoying a coffee tea or a cocktail.


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